Road Transportation

If you need to carry out fast cargo transportation from abroad to Armenia and vice versa, then road transportation will be more optimal and faster than sea (container) or rail transportation.

Sati Trans Cargo Transportation Company offers to organize road transfers for any cargo using various kinds of trucks.

Geography of Sati Trans road transportation:

  • Europe

    England, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Georgia.

  • Middle East Asia

    Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq

  • Middle Asia

    Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

  • CIS countries

    Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Moldova

Types of cargo carried by Sati Trans:

  • Basic goods

    Equipment, electronics, household goods, chemical materials, various products, furniture, building material, etc.

  • Special cargoes

    Fruits, vegetables, meat, and milk products, require temperature regime compliance.

  • Dangerous goods

    Goods that require ADRs, various chemicals, and dyes.

  • Heavy overloads

    Transformers, turbines

Advantages of Sati Trans:

  • Long-term experience in the organization of cargo transportation.
  • Affordable, competitive, and accepted prices.
  • Modern network of containers and trucks control.
  • Experienced and skilled staff.
  • The risks of Sati Trans are insured.

Get an individual Offer to transport your cargo

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    Attention. the weight/volume of the cargo must be։

    For Air Freight - not less than 45 kg

    For Road Transportation - not less than 100 kg

    For Sea Freight - not less than 1 m3