Cargo Consolidation

Sati Trans cargo transportation company carries out the organization of modular cargo transportation. The company has expanded the geography of modular cargo transportation.

Sati Trans organizes modular cargo transportation from Europe, China, Russia, the USA, Austria, countries in southeastern Asia, etc. In addition to cargo transportation, Sati Trans employees are ready to provide customs clearance services in different countries over the world.

Sati Trans Container Cargo Transportation Geography:

  • China

Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shunda, Tianjin, Qingdao

  • United Arab Emirates

Dubai, Sharjah

  • South Korea

Busan, Vaughan, Seoul

  • Australia


  • Singapore


  • India

Mumbai, Cheney

  • United States

Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston

  • Japan

Yokohama, Kobe, Osaka

  • Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Hai Fong

  • Taiwan


LCL and LTL Services are types of economically viable cargo transportation for small cargoes (starting from 0.5 m3). The company can collect, combine and transport your cargo with the cargo of other customers. You will only have to pay for the occupied place of your cargo in the truck. Such services provide an opportunity to use the funds of your company profitably.



Automobile combined cargo transportation from any country in Europe and Russia. To collect and store your goods warehouses in Sofia, Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Milan (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic), and Moscow (Russia) are offered.

Sati havaqakan avto bernapoxadrumner cargo Cargo Consolidation Cargo Transportation

The collection of goods is carried out in the warehouses of the company and together with other cargoes, it is transported to the destination quickly, reliably, and safely. If necessary, apart from cargo transportation, assistance in the registration of customs forms is provided – EX1, T1, etc.


Advantages of Sati Trans:

  • Long-term experience in the organization of cargo transportation.
  • Affordable, competitive, and accepted prices.
  • Modern network of containers and trucks control.
  • Experienced and skilled staff.
  • The risks of Sati Trans are insured.
  • Online Cargo tracking.

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    Attention. the weight/volume of the cargo must be։

    For Air Freight - not less than 45 kg

    For Road Transportation - not less than 100 kg

    For Sea Freight - not less than 1 m3