Sea Transportation

Sati Trans cargo transportation company carries out the organization of sea (container) cargo transportation.

This type of cargo is currently the cheapest and available in Armenia for imports from Europe, China, South-Asian countries, and the United States.

The reason for the sea freight growth is their relatively low price. In addition, sea freight is considered to be the safest type of cargo delivery.

Being a well-known transport company in Armenia, Sati Trans operates quite actively in the above-mentioned cargo transportation field.

The company’s employees will help you with customs clearance of exported containers anywhere in the world and will insure your cargo.

Sati Trans highly appreciates its customers and does everything possible and impossible so each client is satisfied with our cooperation.

The main ports of Sati Trans company container transportation:

  • Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Valencia, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Trieste, Venice, Las Phezia, Ancona (Italy)
  • Marseille, Le Havre (France)
  • Khashdod, Haifa (Israel)
  • Aqaba (Jordan)
  • Alexandria (Egypt)
  • Tripoli (Beirut)
  • Latakia (Syria)
  • Nicosia (Cyprus)
  • Mersin, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Piraeus (Greece)
  • Dubai, Sharjah (UAE)
  • Karachi (Pakistan)
  • Mumbai, Chennai (India)
  • Hoshemi, Hay Fong (Vietnam)
  • Taipei, Kilwanga (Taiwan)
  • Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Port Klang (Malaysia)
  • Yokohama, Kobe, Osaka (Japan)
  • Busan, Andon (South Korea)
  • Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Sydney, Australia)
  • Dalian, Qingdao, Xinggun, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shunshany, Xiens, Yangming, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shunda (China)
  • Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston (USA)

Sati Trans actively cooperates with the above-mentioned well-known cargo transportation companies all over the world.

Advantages of Sati Trans

  • Long-term experience in the organization of cargo transportation
  • Affordable, competitive and accepted prices
  • Modern network of containers and trucks control
  • Experienced and skilled staff
  • The risks of Sati Trans are insured

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    Attention. the weight/volume of the cargo must be։

    For Air Freight - not less than 45 kg

    For Road Transportation - not less than 100 kg

    For Sea Freight - not less than 1 m3